Measure Your Crowd

Mobilize your current followers and customers into new retail opportunities by making it easier for them to request your products.

Picture it


You hear the same thing everyday. I love your product. I wish this was sold near me. When are you going to be carried at this store? It is time to capture these customer interactions and start putting them to work for your brand.


Social media has allowed you to cultivate a distinct aesthetic and voice. You’ve amassed a decent following and your engagement is through the roof. They like you; they really like you!


Sure, you have a request form on your site, but do you really want your customer to go through all that trouble? Print it out, fill it out, bring it in the store and find the correct person to hand it off to? It’s time to update this process once and for all!


Enter WeStock

WeStock is the crowd stocking platform that explicitly works to turn your customers, followers and email subscribers into new opportunities. By switching to WeStock you can process requests from your own site, validate leads, and scale growth easier than ever before.

Power to the people! Provide your customers with actionable steps to help support you and your brand by promoting crowdstocking to your crowd today!

Our trusted features


Democratize Data

Data is expensive, but imperative for you to grow your business. We democratize data by creating data that is powered by your customers. Our reporting will allow you to grow sales, enhance marketing campaigns and strategize your plans for retail domination.


Spend Smarter

We help you increase velocity at the store level through our notification services. No more spending all of your margin on demos and promotions. We make it simple to notify your customer when product hits the shelf.



We provide custom web forms for all of our premium brand partners. This gives your customers a seamlessly branded experience that allows you to capture requests professionally.


As a small business, you’ve got to consider your bottom line and target the initial areas that are going to get you the most traction. Retailers want numbers, WeStock can get you those numbers and more.