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WeStock enables brands to capture and visualize first-party data from consumers. Making it simpler than ever for you to grow your retail business.

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Unlock Data Driven Growth

Engage your followers, customers, and subscribers through WeStock forms to see where they shop, how they feel about your brand, and their willingness to buy your product in store.
Capturing requests allows your brand to see exactly where your customers shop. This data is a great leading indicator for where you should be focusing your retail efforts.
Stop guessing what consumers want and creating generic customer personas. WeStock creates a clear line of communication between you and consumers.
WeStock App
Engage with tens of thousands of new consumers on the WeStock app. Our audience is constantly looking for their next favorite thing.
Insights, Anywhere
Whether it’s your email list, website, social media, or even an in-person event, WeStock makes it seamless to capture consumer insights at any touch point.

The single source of truth for retail sales and marketing teams

Our dashboard provides your team with unlimited capabilities to grow your business. You have multiple tools to run your DTC business, but almost none when it comes to retail. WeStock’s dashboard is made to make your job easier by giving you seamless access to all your retail and consumer data.
Understand where consumers are asking for your product, which retailers and regions you should be focusing on, and identify instant consumer sentiment about your product in our dashboard.
Engage Consumers
Notify shoppers when your product hits the shelf, is on promotion, or is back in stock with just one click. Consumer notifications facilitate the conversation between your brand and consumers making it simpler, than ever to own the consumer journey and succeed on shelf.
Custom Reporting
Create reports that will wow at your next buyer meeting. Branded, fully customizable, and rooted in data, our reporting enables your sales team to focus more time on closing business and less time pulling together data from multiple sources.
Create Promotions
Create and deliver retailer specific promotions with WeStock. We handle the design, clearinghouse, and delivery, making it possible for your brand to increase store velocities in an instant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can easily sign up for WeStock HERE. It only takes 15 minutes to get your profile set up once you sign on. For more information on your first 30 days on WeStock, you can check out THIS PAGE.

Is my brand ready for WeStock?

We have brands that use WeStock before they even launch. That is why we have priced our product so competitively, we want to work with your brand from the farmer’s market to IPO. We think WeStock is such a great tool for emerging brands, that we actually started our own brand (in less than a week) to show you. Check it out HERE.

What does success look like with WeStock?

The brands that have been on WeStock for 2+ years all have the same thing in common, they engage consistently with the platform. Success for WeStock brands is when your brand is generating consistent data insights from consumers and you are engaging with that data on a monthly basis. Whether you have 100 or 1000 data points, it doesn’t matter, you can still achieve success with WeStock. 

How do I effectively capture consumer insights?

We are constantly amazed with how our brand partners creatively use WeStock. We have outlined some of the top ways that brands get WeStock in front of their customers, followers, and subscribers HERE.

Do retailers actually care about data?

You can only go so far with your story and product. You will need data at some point to grow your business. The issue is that most data sources are from third-party providers and are extremely expensive to access. WeStock works to democratize data for all and our data has helped unlock thousands of new retail partnerships for our brands. 

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