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A Human Approach To Data

WeStock enables brands to better understand and engage consumers, discover their next target audience, and empower all consumers to have a bigger impact on the brands they love.

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Consumer Insights

Unlock your brand’s potential by collecting valuable first-party data from your consumers
See which stores your consumers shop at
Capture qualitative feedback from your consumers
Identify regional consumer demand for your product

Consumer Exposure

Gain exposure to thousands of consumers, looking to discover their next favorite thing
Access our 150,000+ consumer network
Enhance your brand’s discoverability
Segment and target our consumer network by a host of different attributes

Engage Consumers Effectively

Create store-level consumer campaigns to boost your velocity and save on trade spend
Notify your consumers about store-level initiatives
Target our consumer network by where they shop
Measure lift and campaign performance

Turn every consumer touch point into an opportunity to capture more data.

Consumer data is critical to the success of your brand. Consumers engage with your product daily, both online and IRL. WeStock makes it easy to thoughtfully capture first-party data from your loyal consumers so that you can use that actionable data to grow your business and better understand what makes consumers tick.

Visualize your data in one place and identify actionable ways to scale your brand.

Identify consumer demand for your products, map out your future retail and distribution plans, act on consumer feedback, and create buyer-ready reporting with your WeStock dashboard.

Engage consumers at the store level and watch your sell-through soar.

Create campaigns to get your loyal consumers into the store and get your product off the shelf. Segment your audience by where they shop, trends, and SKU level demand to ensure they get the campaign that will resonate the most with them. Take back control of your velocity and lower your in-store trade spend.

Turn every customer touch point into an opportunity to gather more insights.

Engage our network of motivated consumers looking to discover their next favorite thing. Share updates and promotions with shoppers that fit your ideal customer profile at key retail accounts.
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