How Brands Like Chomps, Athletic Brewing, And Snow Days Use WeStock.

WeStock Team
March 16, 2023

Thinking of signing up for WeStock but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for your CPG brand? We’re here to help tell you everything you need to know before saying yes and also share how some of our amazing brand partners use WeStock.

Let’s get the ball rolling with an easy one: What is WeStock?

WeStock is your brand’s new data-driven best bud. WeStock empowers consumers to vote on their favorite products at their local stores by streamlining the product request process. We make it easier for brands to capture product requests and then we turn those insights into powerful ways to grow your outbound sales efforts. Think of your customers, followers, and subscribers now as a lead generation engine, and WeStock is here to put those insights into action.

We are for brands both very big and super small

No brand is too small or too big here at WeStock. We want all of you to meet your goals, no matter where you are. Whether you’re hoping to get in your first few stores or you are a legacy brand looking for more data-driven insights to boost your marketing and sales strategy. We even have tools for before you launch.

We also help fuel your brand through consumer and buyer discovery. We have over 100,000 shoppers on WeStock that use our web app to discover new brands and request your product at their local store. We take it a step further by having retail buyers for over 2,000 retail doors looking at your product every week to see if they want to bring it in!

How to use your WeStock data to get on store shelves

You have all the data, now what? We want WeStock to go to work for you-that means leveraging your data when pitching retail buyers. Buyers are leaning on data more than ever, you can incorporate this customer-driven data into your pitch deck. We’ll show you how.

It’s not just for buyers…the data is for you too

Like we said, this data can be invaluable for buyers but even if you are focused mainly on DTC right now or not looking to expand the number of retailers you are in exponentially this year, there are still many ways to use your data. An important one being SKU optimization. At your fingertips you can see what products customers are loving and requesting most frequently and where. This data can be a huge help in CPG development.

How Brands Like Athletic Brewing, And Snow Days Use WeStock | Data Graph for better Explanation

There are many creative ways to market the form

“But how do I get people to fill it out?” If you are asking yourself that question there’s no need to worry. The WeStock community is constantly finding new and creative ways to market the request form and we always share those ideas with you. From traditional email or social posts to more unique options like QR codes in store or even on the package itself, there are endless options for your CPG brand.

WeStock can help you maximize the impact of your trade spend

Promotions can be expensive. We’re here to help you make the most of your trade spend budget by alerting customers when you are running specials in their favorite retailers. This way you don’t need to spend tons of additional time and energy targeting consumers in specific cities or regions, we’ll handle that part for you.

We want you to have a great experience with WeStock, if you have any questions let us know or sign up here. More FAQs answered here.

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