Incorporating WeStock Into Your Marketing Strategy

WeStock Team
March 16, 2023

It’s time to supercharge your marketing strategy and work smarter, not harder. WeStock is built to make your life easier and your CPG business better, but with any tool, it’s all about how you use it. We pulled together the best tips and tricks from our member’s success stories for you so you can make the most of your membership.

Leverage the power of social media

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 followers on Instagram, your fans are your best potential customers. If they’ve been following along, you’ve already won half the battle. Use your feed and stories to encourage your audience to use WeStock to request your products in their favorite retailers.

Incorporating WeStock Into Your Marketing Strategy | Leverage the power of social media

QR codes are your friend

QR codes are having a moment again, take advantage. Displaying at a farmers market, trade show or festival? Have a big QR code and ask for people to use it to request your product in their favorite stores. People are busy and don’t have a ton of patience, make it easy for them (no more than a couple clicks).

Incorporating WeStock Into Your Marketing Strategy | QR codes are your friend

Make it visible

While it may be tempting to just set WeStock up on your website and forget it, being intentional about sharing your form consistently is key. Have it on your site front and center, in your link in bio, in your newsletter, email signatures, and as a “call to action” in social posts. And of course front and center at any in person events too.  

Incorporating WeStock Into Your Marketing Strategy | Make it visible

You have to ask

We know it can feel awkward asking your potential or existing customers for help but you need them and they want you to be successful. But, in order for them to help they need to know what they can do. Don’t assume that having the request form on your site is enough, be clear about the help you need and the steps they need to follow. A quick tutorial on stories, step-by-step instructions on your feed, and sharing why you are asking are all helpful things to incorporate into your strategy and content calendar.

Incorporating WeStock Into Your Marketing Strategy | You have to ask

Use the data

Ever heard the saying “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks? ” It’s the “technique” of just throwing your message out there without being specific about which message should go to certain segments of your audience. For example, if you are just sending email blasts to your entire list whenever you get into a new retailer, likely more than half of that list won’t find that information useful. But, when you use data to drive your marketing plan, you give your audience the information they need that’s specific to them.

With WeStock we compile who asks to see your product in which stores and locations and you can use that data to segment your list and have specific email sequences built out for different regions and types of shoppers-how cool is that? Now go capture your first requests.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we are here to help and want you to be successful. In addition to these tips, you can use our first 30 day checklist to set yourself up for success. Not using WeStock yet? We can fix that.

WeStock Team

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