What Is A Category Review And How To Prepare Your Brand For One

WeStock Team
March 16, 2023

Category review season is coming… Are you ready?

If that question made you wince a little it’s all good, after reading to the end of this article you’ll be feeling confident to tackle category review season like a champ.

First things first, what is a category review?

Category reviews are periods of time when retail buyers assess the performance of an individual category within their stores. They’ll look at promotional spend, look at the current product lineup, gaps in the lineup and even things like store layout and what items go where. These can happen at multiple times of the year ie: quarterly for frozen foods or it could only be once a year for a specific category. This largely depends on the retailer.

What does a category review mean for your brand if you are already on the shelves?

You’ve already won half the battle if you are on the shelf but category review is an opportunity to ensure your spot is cemented and maybe even expand your relationship with the retailer. Whether that means pitching for expanded shelf space (and having the data to back it up), pitching your new SKUS or opening up the conversation for promotions for that retailer.

What does a category review mean for your brand if you are not already on the shelves?

If you’ve been vying for coveted shelf space at a new retailer, category reviews can be a great time to make yourself known. The category review period is a time when buyers more than ever will be looking to fill gaps on their shelves and be sure they are current when it comes to trending items or ingredients. If you can help them do that-you are a winner.

A few other things to consider

Yes buyers are often looking to bring in new brands during this time but it’s also an important time for established brands to advocate for themselves. Bring all the data and show that you not only deserve to stick around but also are in a place to grow within the retailer.

Now you’re ready to have a successful category review season right? Need some more data to help you win over buyers-we’ve got your back.

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