Why Your Buyer Emails Aren't Getting Responses

WeStock Team
July 5, 2023

Securing retail partnerships is vital for the success of your brand, however, many CPG companies struggle to get responses from retail buyers when they reach out. Don’t worry, we understand the struggle and this lack of response can be frustrating, but it's important to understand why it happens and how you can improve your approach.

The Importance of Data:

One crucial element to consider is the type of story you decide to tell. No matter how heartwarming or empowering your brand story might be, your data story is what matters most. 

By having knowledge of your target audience, and more specifically where they want to see your product, you can effectively demonstrate just how successful your products will be in that retail location. The goal here is to develop a deep understanding of your audience so that you can compile enough data that will have buyers considering your product a necessary addition to their shelves.

Not only do we understand how to achieve this goal but we have hundreds of brand stories to prove it. Ultimately, we help your brand present the best version of itself to your potential retail buyers through the most important piece of evidence... data! Below, you can see an example of what a buyer report from WeStock looks like.

Why Your Buyer Emails Aren't Getting Responses | Westock Buyer Report Response

Remember that retail buyers are flooded with numerous email pitches daily, so showcasing your knowledge of the market and proving consumer demand through data that actually matters is essential to capture their attention.

Tips for Formulating Effective Retail Buyer Emails:

1. Personalization is Key: 

Generic, mass emails will not give you the results you are looking for. Take the time to research and personalize each email to the specific buyer you're targeting. Of course, address them by name and show genuine interest in their business.

2. Keep it Concise and Compelling: 

Retail buyers are busy professionals, so make sure your email is concise and to the point. No need for anything too lengthy. Clearly explain why you think your product deserves to be on their shelves, highlighting the unique selling points and potential benefits to their customers.

3. Demonstrate Market Understanding: 

Incorporate the data you have on consumer shopping preferences to showcase your market understanding. Highlight how your product fills a gap for them and explain why it will resonate with their target audience.

4. Showcase Success Stories: 

The best way to prove your worth is by showing how you have found success in the past. If your product has gained traction or achieved significant milestones in other retail locations, it could be a good idea to mention those successes in your email, as well. This helps build trust and gives retail buyers confidence in your product's potential. If you are just starting your retail journey you could even include some positive customer feedback that you've collected recently, although we recommend leaning into the numbers first.

5. Call-to-Action and Follow-up: 

Clearly state what you're seeking from the retail buyer, whether it's a meeting, a product review, or a chance to discuss potential collaboration. Make it easy for them to respond by including contact information and a specific timeframe for their consideration. After a reasonable period of time, don’t forget to follow up with a polite and friendly email if you don't receive a response.

With these strategies in place, you'll be well on your way to establishing successful relationships with retail buyers and growing your CPG brand. However, we encourage you to take the necessary time and effort to understand your target audience, build brand awareness, and create a loyal customer base before getting caught up in the retail game. Putting more effort into these components will not only allow you to better connect with your audience but also collect valuable data that is actually worth including in your buyer emails.

If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage WeStock’s tools to supercharge your buyer emails, click here!

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