How To Get Your Brand Into Target

WeStock Team
March 16, 2023

Is the bullseye calling your name? Target is more than a grocery store, people go there to buy shampoo and toothpaste and leave with the latest Magnolia Home pillows, a new swimsuit, a case of bubbly water, a new-to-them candy and a variety of seasonal decor items. It’s a great place to get in front of curious shoppers who may or may not be sticking to the list. But, like all desirable retailers, getting on the shelves can be the most challenging step. Luckily, there are many other CPG brands that have done it and we’ve compiled some lessons learned and tips and tricks to get your product into Target.

Step 1. Make Yourself Visible

What if the buyers came to you? Or at the very least had heard of you before you came knocking? Making your brand visible before you even send that email will help you ensure that they a) answer your email and b) believe that the product has some outside credibility. There are many ways to get visible but to start, ensure that your online presence is top notch. This means creating consistent content for your brand, having an omnichannel presence, making sure your branding and web design are up to par, and having a clear and cohesive brand identity and brand messaging. Once you have that squared away, it’s time to get external validation for your product aka: social proof. An easy way to kick this off is gathering and publishing customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials. This will help potential buyers as well as potential customer

Step 2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Community is so important when it comes to growing your CPG business. Getting into your dream retailers is no different. Tap into the knowledge of your community and learn from your peers and mentors how they got their products on Target’s shelves. If you are looking for more community or feeling like your network isn’t able to answer these questions, look to groups like StartupCPG, FoodBoro, FoodBevy and OMGCPG.

Step 3. Bump Elbows With Buyers

Buyers are busy and sometimes getting them to answer your email or set up an appointment can be tough. A great way to put yourself in front of them is to attend trade shows. Ask around to CPG friends in Target to learn more about what trade shows they are known to attend. Make your list and choose the ones that make the most sense for your brand. Once you are booked and ready to go (even if you aren’t exhibiting that year) be sure to leave a note for the buyers you want to chat with that you’ll be there and would love to connect, don’t forget to have something special for them to remember your brand other than another tiny sample.

Step 4. Know Your Data

It’s no secret we are data nerds around here. But it’s for good reason! When buyers say yes to your product they are making a bet on you. It’s a potential investment that could fail. So they want to be as sure as possible that your product is going to sell, a great way to illustrate that is with real data. Show them how many people are requesting your product at their local Target or in certain regions. Have your sales numbers ready to go and know your margins like the back of your hand. Coming into the meeting confident and able to answer all of their questions before they even ask them will go a long way.  

Step 5. Use What Makes You Different

After decades of the shelf space looking the same, retailers like Target are putting money behind initiatives to promote diversity on their shelves. If you are a minority owned company, you may meet the requirements for their diversity initiatives. There are many organizations that Target works with to promote minority-owned brands, a few are the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Try reaching out to these orgs to see how they can help get your foot in the door.

There is no magic formula for getting into Target (even though some people may charge you a lot of money and say that there is), but these steps should help pave the way for some progress. If you haven’t set up your WeStock account yet to start compiling data, head here to get started.

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