WeStock: Connecting Brands with Retailers

WeStock Team
April 3, 2023

WeStock now connects brands with retailers, making it easier for brands to get discovered and for retailers to find new and innovative products to offer their customers. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at WeStock's retail partnerships and how they can benefit your brand.

WeStock: Connecting Brands with Retailers | Bridging Between Brands and Retailers for Success

WeStock's Retail Partnerships

At WeStock, we understand that getting your products in front of the right retailers can be a challenge. That's why we've partnered with national distributors and retailers to help brands get the attention they deserve. Our platform makes it easy for brands to connect with retailers and showcase their products. We recently partnered with KeHe, one of the largest natural food distributors in the country, which means our brands will not only have the opportunity to be discovered by KeHe but their long list of supported retailers, as well. Read more on our KeHe partnership, here.

WeStock: Connecting Brands with Retailers | Enhancing Retail Partnerships for Brand Success

What you get with WeStock

WeStock provides you with an easy to use tool that helps your brand see where your customers shop. You can then use this data to show demand for your product to retailers and distributors.

You will also have access to a custom WeStock dashboard that will help you visualize your data and maximize your retail exposure. It's a simple, data-driven model--get requests, get discovered!

The Process of Connecting Brands with Retailers

So, how does WeStock connect brands with retailers? It all starts with our product request forms. Brands can use our product request forms to gather information on where their customers shop, which can help them identify which retailers they should go after. From those requests, they can also understand where their audience wants to see their products.

Once we have this information, we can start connecting brands with retailers through monthly reporting. We provide category managers with reports that will highlight the top trending product for your category and how many consumers are asking for that product in a region and/or retailer. ‍

WeStock: Connecting Brands with Retailers | connecting brands with retailers through monthly reporting

The more requests you have, the higher you'll rank in your category in the reports we share with the retailer. This means that retailers will be more likely to take notice of your brand and consider stocking your products if you rank high in the reports.

We use our network of national distributors and retailers to find the right fit for each brand. We work closely with our brands to understand their unique selling points and target audience, so we can find the perfect retail partnerships to help them grow their business.

What happens after a retailer takes your product? It's time to engage your consumers! When your product hits the shelf, you can create campaigns to get your loyal customers into the store and watch your products start flying off the shelf. WeStock will also notify and reward the consumer, as the news comes in, ensuring the product has a successful launch and brings new consumers into your new retail partners.

Build Strong Relationships

WeStock's platform is designed to build strong relationships with retailers. By connecting brands with the right retailers, we're helping to create long-lasting partnerships that benefit both parties. Retailers get access to innovative and high-quality products, while brands get the exposure and sales they need to grow their business.

At WeStock, we believe that connecting brands with retailers is key to driving growth and success in the industry. Our platform makes it easy for brands to get discovered by retailers and expand their reach, while also providing valuable data and helping to build strong relationships. So if you're a brand looking to grow your business, book a demo with us and let us help you take your brand to the next level.

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